This is an extremely helpful and insightful book on preaching. If you are looking to increase your effectiveness as a preacher, Bro. Hyles’  strategies on preaching will give you great some pointers.

This book by A. P. Gibbs has been the go to book for many of preachers who used it as their personal textbook for learning how to preach. This is a practical book that deals with both the methods and the ideology behind preaching.

C. H. Spurgeon was and is an influential Baptist preacher of years gone by. This book contains the lectures he taught in his college to train men for the gospel ministry.

Leonard Ravenhill was a man who focused on  and was consumed with the thought of revival and prayer. This book will stir your heart for seeking personal and national revival.

This book, by Bro. Allen Domelle and Bro. Rick Martin, will challenge you to be like one of these men who saw revival.

Bro. Samuel Gipp’s book on the King James Bible is the best book you will pick up on the history of our Bible. This book is one that you will read and walk away with assurance that you have the perfect Word of God in the King James Bible.

This book is a good starting point for learning and teaching the basic and important Bible doctrines in the Bible. It is a good reference book for your library.

John C. Maxwell is considered to be the leadership guru. In this book you will find leadership tools to help you influence those God has placed you over.

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret

This book will convict you in so many areas; In your faith in God, you prayer life, in the sacrifices you are making for God. This man did what was needed to see people saved and make a difference.

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