What Does God Need To Save America

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Turn the Tide Day 1: Preparation

Changing the Course of our Country Day 1:

Previous Post: Turn the Tide Introduction, I feel like the first thing we should do in preparation for this day of fasting and prayer for our nation is to make sure we are clean and right with God. Judgment doesn’t start at the House of Representatives or the White House. It starts with God’s people. […]

Turn the Tide Day 2: The Problem

Previous post of Operation Turn the Tide: Introduction, day 1,  America. A nation that is “under God.” A nation that says “in God we trust.” Or, so it used to be. Now it is a nation “under man” or “a nation gone under” who says “in myself I trust.” We may still have these precious phrases in […]


Turn the Tide Day 3: The People

Will you be ONE of many?

Previous Posts: Operation Turn the Tide: Introduction, Day 1, Day 2 Over the last two days we have talked about the need to prepare ourselves; to make sure we are right with God, our sins are confessed, and that we are actively seeking the Lord by ourselves in a genuine walk with Him. Day two we talked […]