Let’s weigh the Evidence

During the month anyone who subscribes to this blog will get a chance of receiving this book on the King James Bible. This book will teach, in simple terms, why the King James Bible is the perfect Word of God for the English speaking people. The way this book approaches the absolute authority of the […]


The Great American Need

America’s need is great. We need better leadership, a better judicial system, better social conduct, and we need stronger homes and better education. If we would stop for a moment, we would understand the true need in America today is only one thing. This one thing is extremely crucial; if this single ingredient is restored, […]

Are you a Ready Vessel?

One thing is for certain, there are more people in the world now than ever before. Along with more people comes an abundance of needs. The greatest need of every person is the gift of eternal salvation! If they don’t have the Saviour, they will never be satisfied. Both here and in eternity, because without  Christ they […]