Daily Deveolping

I Samuel27:10 “…Whither have ye made a road to day?

We sing Higher Ground, and the first line goes “I’m pressing on the up-ward way, new heights I’m gaining everyday…” And that ought to be the motto for every Christian, New Heights every day.

So the question needs to be asked; “Whither have ye made a road to day?” where have you made progress in your Christian life today? Have you done anything today to make you a better Christian for Christ?

If you don’t have something you do everyday how to you expect to be becoming better for the Lord? This is were having Daily Development systems in place will help you make a new road in your Christian life.

This doesn’t have to be something that takes hours and hours of time to achieve everyday, nor does it have to be complex, really basic is better; however, it should take sometime for you to sit down and grow as a Christian.

I would like to give you some helpful things that will develop spiritual growth in your life daily:

Read your Bible every day.

Just like food is the nourishment to our physical life, The Bible is the nourishment to your spiritual life. If you neglect your physical food you start to become weak and ill. If you don’t get nourishment for a long period of time you die. The same is true for your spiritual life also. If you neglect the Bible and Spiritual Nourishment you become (1) weak: once you become weak you do not have the strength to fight the battle, and are easily defeated. This is why the devil came to tempt Jesus in Matthew 4 was because He was weak physically. (2) Ill: you are easily susceptible to sickness once you become weak, and that is when temptation comes to entice you. (3) Death: if you are not careful because you do not give yourself Spiritual Nourishment you will become Spiritually Dead.

This is where you care neither for the Lord nor anything He might want you to do. You have disregard for any Spiritual, Godly things. This doesn’t mean you are lost and going to hell, but it does mean that you are going to have very little rewards when you get to heaven.

Pray for at least five minutes every day.

Obviously, prayer is the source of Spiritual Power. Now, I will tell you that prayer is vital to becoming a strong Christian. However, it is sad to say that we do not use the privilege of prayer like we should. God wants to hear you talk to Him about everything. There should never be a subject that you or I do not want to talk to Him about. We do not have a problem talking to other friends or family members, why should we have a problem taking those things to God? Prayer for some reason has been down played in our minds like it is just something we do when we need something. Realistically God likes it when we talk to him about everything good or bad, exciting or not so exciting. Prayer is vital, don’t neglect it, (5 minutes needs to be the starting point, not the finish line.)

Look for things to be Thankful for, and give thanks to God every day

We miss out on many things that God does for us on a daily basis. We are just TOO caught up with the “busyness of life” we fail to recognize His blessings. So look for them and give thanks to God for them.

Memorize Bible Verses every day. (Do this throughout the day)

As said in number one, the Bible is very important to spiritual growth and without a doubt prayer and Bible study needs to be in your life because without those two, your just being a good person that is not filled with the Power of God.

Encourage someone that’s discouraged

The world doesn’t revolve around you. I know that we all have problems of our own, but get out and help someone else because there are people who need it more than you.

Fight Temptation Vehemently (that is, to fight temptation violently)

We are tempted to do wrong, but God has given us “the way to escape” and we can overcome temptation. We just need to FIGHT it, and the best way to FIGHT it is to RUN away from it.

Invest in Eternity

There is a statement that says this “Soon this life will pass, only what’s done for Christ will last.” And that is true, so what are you doing today that will LAST in eternity?

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