Turn the Tide – A Time of prayer for America

Prayer for Revival

In light of the Word of God, it is obvious that we are in a mess as a nation! And the only hope we have for something happening in America again is for us Christians to bombard the “throne of grace.” Why? To “FIND HELP IN A TIME OF NEED.” (Hebrews 4:16)

So, what we are proposing to do is to set aside July 3rd, as a day we fast and pray for our nation.

We need to do something about the lack of Godliness and the lack of acknowledgment of God in our Nation. And I say, before we stand before the government, we should stand before God. First, we need to acknowledge the problem as a Spiritual one, not a Governmental one. Secondly, we need to get His involvement and help before we suggest to do anything else.

Someone said, “He that kneels before God can stand before kings.”

John Goetsch said this about revival: “When most Christians speak of revival today, they do so in a historical context. They speak of a great moving of God in the Bible or perhaps of the Great Awakenings, but they don’t refer to something that happens today.”

We need to come to God begging Him to do something and believing revival can happen if we will get ourselves in the position for God’s grace to be shed on us again.

We will be sending out daily encouragement and instruction from today through Friday.

Please get involved with 100% participation. Tell friends, family, retweet, repost, share, and like to spread the word, and of course PRAY!


This is not “just” about a drifting of a nation; it is about the souls of men and women who need Jesus. The best way to give them Jesus is through Christians who are revived and on fire for God.


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