Turn the Tide Day 1: Preparation

Changing the Course of our Country Day 1:

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I feel like the first thing we should do in preparation for this day of fasting and prayer for our nation is to make sure we are clean and right with God. Judgment doesn’t start at the House of Representatives or the White House. It starts with God’s people.

Before we cast judgment of our nation’s leaders, we need to look within and see how we measure up to God’s standards. The direction of a nation is determined by the direction of it’s churches; so we need to look within our own lives, the root of the problem, and then handle the fruit of the problem.


This is the challenge for the day: Get alone and do some self examination and some home examination. Look at our movies and our music, our speech, our daily agenda, and our way of thinking. Are we that different from the world? or do we just have the tag name Christian?

The challenge for us today is to prepare ourselves for God to work in us and through us to “turn the tide”.

We need to have the following focus …

An Upward Focus – See God for what He is

An Inward Focus – See ourselves what we really are

An Outward Focus – see the need for God to do something only He can do.

  Suggested reading: Isaiah 6:1-9

Are you ready for God to “Turn the Tide”?

  •   1. Ask God to reveal anything that is hindering your personal walk, and spiritual life.
  • 2. Eliminate the hindrance. God may want you to “give up” t.v. for a week. Maybe He wants you to stop something COMPLETELY. Whatever it is, obey God.
  • 3. Fully surrender yourself to God. (Rom. 12:1,2) Yield for service to be a tool in God’s hand. (Rom 6:13) The worst thing a Christian can do is the mindset “I will DIE for Christ!” The better and more profitable statement would be “I will LIVE for Christ.”

Preparation! God said “If my people…”

So let us “people” get ourselves ready for God to do something GOD SIZED!

We are going to have July 3rd, as a day we fast and pray for our nation.

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