Who is your Titus?

Galatians 2:1 Then fourteen years after I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas, and took Titus with me also.

Without a doubt, one thing we as Independent Baptists are good at is seeing many people saved. I believe God has used us Baptists to see hundreds of thousands of people saved through the years. However, winning the lost is only one part of a three-part formula that God has given to us to follow: The Great Commission!

Jesus said He wanted us to bear fruit, and that our fruit should remain. (John 15:16) So the main thought of this post is simply this: Who is your Titus?

We see several men in the Bible to whom Paul had a great impact on; Titus was one of them. Paul Evangelized him; he Equipped him; he Enlisted him, and he helped to Establish him.

Paul understood the importance of “committing to faithful men” so they could “teach others also”. Paul produced many Titus’s. (fruit that remains)

So how can we cultivate our own Titus?

(1) Follow the Plan

We already have the plan given to us. God thought it all up for us so we don’t have to. The Bible lays it out: Win, Baptize, Teach. We need to not just pray for souls to be saved, but for the great commission to be fulfilled. How do we do that? We go with the Gospel, win them, get them to church so they can be baptized, and then we personally start to develop spiritual growth in their life.

(2) On Purpose work with them

 Producing fruit that remains doesn’t happen by accident, but very much on purpose. Now, I said on purpose work with them. The “them” is anyone that you have seen saved, or know has been saved and has not yet been grounded in the ways of the Christian life. Your job is not to be just a soulwinner, but really a “Great Commissioner.” So our job is not done because we have seen them saved; in all reality it has just begun.

We need to develop three key areas in their Christian life before we can let them go at it alone:

  • A Walk with God

Teach them how to spend time alone in the Bible, reading and studying it

  • Involvement in a Ministry

There are a lot of things that can only be learned by the way of  “On The Job Training” that  you won’t fully comprehend from a lesson or a sermon. When you take what you heard, and do your best to put it to use, then you start to learn something. That is a major help in growth for a new believer. So, get them in some sort of ministry!

  • Capable of leading someone else to Christ and to develop those they win.

This is the great commission completed: when one person who was lost is now saved, serving, soulwinning, and spiritually mentoring another. Mission complete!

If we have developed those three areas in their life, we have done what we have been commanded to do. Now how you foster those three areas can and should be done in a variety of ways. You need to find out what works best for you and the person you are working with.

(3) Be Persistent

 Sometimes things don’t pan out with people the way would like them to, but don’t get discouraged! Just keep trying to find your Titus. Once you get one then go find a Timothy. Don’t quit! Just keep being a “Great Commissioner.”

Who is your Titus? The person you lead to Christ, saw baptized, and now able to “go and do thou likewise”?

What are some of your proven tactics that get people to stick and stay? Leave it in a comment below.

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